November 1-2, 2018

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About Blockchain Bash

The Blockchain Bash is a collaborative conference designed to stimulate industry growth in Los Angeles

This Innovation Jam is a 1.5 day event where industry, experts, researchers, innovators, and venture capital come together for workshops, presentations, interactive experiences, and community engagement. The Innovation Jam objective is not to share old/current information, but to catalyze the next wave of innovation.

  • Keynote
  • Intro to Blockchain
  • Workshops
  • Block Tank
  • Genius Bar
  • The Jam

Jesse Lund leads Blockchain and Digital Currencies for IBM globally. Within his role, Jesse is responsible for identifying, prioritizing, and accelerating the commercialization of industry solutions to transform the landscape of global financial services. Jesse and his team work closely with IBM clients, regulators, and central banks around the world to improve end user experience, optimize operational efficiency and identify new market opportunities. Jesse’s team also leads global partnerships, represents IBM in industry consortiums, engages clients in solution design and development, and informs IBM’s strategic investment priorities within the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Jesse is a financial services veteran with two decades of industry experience.


This event is for people of all experience levels! Just because you're not well versed in blockchain doesn't mean that you shouldn't come to our event. We provide content to help get you started!


We have designed the event to be a collaborative experience. This means that there will be workshops throughout the conference that will allow for you to get hands on experience with all things blockchain.


The last official event of the conference is a blockchain Shark Tank called “Block Tank” presented by Emerald Asset Management, where regional blockchain projects will give a 5 minute pitch. The Judges or “Blocks”, who have business, finance, law, or venture capital backgrounds, will then take the time to ask the participants questions about their idea, resources, abilities to deliver, etc before deciding whether or not they would be willing to invest in the participant's venture. Want to participate? FIll out this form here.


Genius Bar with assorted talent from the region. This segment allows for participants to connect with various subject matter experts for 5-10 minutes.


Attendees will be placed in teams to ideate and collaborate on a new blockchain or tokenization concept or application. The team will complete a simple pitch deck for the concept. Each group will then present its concept to the conference. A signal event will occur to vote on the best idea and a winning team will be selected. This activity is designed to encourage lateral-learning and facilitate new relationships.

Our Speakers


Head of Blockchain, Financial Services @ IBM


Founder of MEDassurance


Founder of FairX


Partner of Decentra VC

Event Agenda

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Who It’s For

The mission of Blockchain Bash is to stimulate regional innovation and collaboration by bringing together stakeholders like coders, visionaries/entrepreneurs, and investors, as well as those watching from the sidelines, in an interactive event curriculum. While most conferences aim to share information through lectures and panels, the Blockchain Bash is built for innovators and doers to build relationships and learn by working side-by-side in workshops, competitions, and collaborative activities.

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We believe in including everyone in our process! So, we have put together our Discord community to promote more efficient communication and have a public Trello board to keep you up to date with our planning and development of

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